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The request was not answered in time and not in a complete way. The publication of the newspaper, both in hard copy and in electronic form, allegedly involved inconvenience, unnecessary and unlawful detention of a citizen, and revealed the names and pictures of the two police investigators involved, as well as the photograph of a third police investigator.

The fine was imposed because the employer did not delete the information relating to the former employee.

A person who rented a car found out that the car was tracked via GPS by the renting company even though there was no information provided on the fact that the car is being tracked.

Data was not processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organisational measures 'integrity and confidentiality'.

Data was not only processed if adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed "data minimisation" and not only kept in a form which permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed "storage limitation".

The bank established a personal bank account for a data subject without his consent or knowledge. The bank was not able to provide The Office for Personal Data Protection with the necessary documentation to prove entering into contract with the data subject.

While the company deleted the names of its passengers from all its records after two years, the deletion did not include the rest of the ride records about 8,, taxi trips.

Hence, the company continued to hold onto individual's phone numbers. Please note: Since Danish law does not provide for administrative fines as in the GDPR unless it is an uncomplicated case and the accused person consented , fines will be imposed by courts.

The fine was imposed as a result of an inspection carried out in autumn of IDdesign had processed personal data of approximately , customers for a longer period than necessary for the purposes for which they were processed.

Additionally, the company had not established and documented deadlines for deletion of personal data in their new CRM system.

The deadlines set for the old system were not deleted after the deadline for the information had been reached.

Also, the controller had not adequately documented its personal data deletion procedures. The complaints were filed on 25th and 28th of May - immediately after the GDPR became applicable.

The complaints concerned the creation of a Google account during the configuration of a mobile phone using the Android operating system. The obtained consents had not been given "specific" and not "unambigous" Art.

The CNIL based the penalty on two grounds: Lack of basic security measures and excessive data storage. As to the first, sensitive user documents uploaded by rental candidates including ID cards, health cards, tax notices, certificates issued by the family allowance fund, divorce judgments, account statements were accessible online without any authentication procedure in place.

Although the vulnerability was known to the company since March , it was not finally resolved until September In addition, the company stored the documentation provided by candidates for longer than necessary.

The CNIL took into account i. After a hacker attack in July personal data of approx. Please note: According to our information this fine has been withdrawn in the meantime.

Kolibri Image had send a request to the Data Protection Authority of Hessen asking how to deal with a service provider who does not want to sign a processing agreement.

After not answering Kolibri Image in more detail, the case was forwarded to the locally responsible Data Protection Authority of Hamburg.

This Authority then fined Kolibri Image as controller for not having a processing agreement with the service provider. Kolibri Image has stated that they will challenge the decision in front of court since they are of the opinion that the service provider does not act as a processor.

In an administrative decision dated 12 April , the authority imposed a fine of 80, euros on a medium-sized financial services company.

This company had failed to take the necessary care to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of information within the meaning of Art.

Thus, without prior anonymisation, the papers were disposed of in the general waste paper recycling system, where the documents were found by a neighbour.

The fine was impossed against a private person who sent several e-mails between July and September , in which he used personal e-mail addresses visible to all recipients, from which each recipient could read countless other recipients.

The man was accused of ten offences between mid-July and the end of July According to the authority's letter, between and personal mail addresses were identifiable in his mailing list.

Page of the activity report of the Data Protection Commissioner of Hamburg, accessible under link. The fine was imposed against against a bank according to a newspaper N26 that had processed "personal data of all former customers" without permission.

The Bank has acknowledged that it had retained data relating to former customers in order to maintain a blacklist, a kind of warning file, so that it would not make a new account available to these persons.

The bank initially justified this by stating that it was obliged under the German Banking Act to take security measures against customers suspected of money laundering.

The Berlin supervisory authority judged this to be illegal. The authority argues that in order to prevent a new bank account from being opened, only those affected may be included in a comparison file who are actually suspected of money laundering or for whom there are other valid reasons for refusing a new bank account.

The authority told a newspaper that the fine proceedings initiated against the bank had "not yet been legally concluded".

Page of the activity report of the Data Protection Commissioner of Berlin link link. A bank mistakenly sent SMS messages about a subject's credit card debt to the telephone number of another person.

After receiving an incorrect telephone number from the client at the time of contracting, the bank did not comply with the data subject's request to erase the data and continued to send SMS message to the incorrect telephone number.

The fine represents 0. A data subject requested information about and erasure of the data processed, which the debt collector refused stating that it could not identify the subject.

After the controller succeeded to identify the data subjects he refused to comply with the deletion request, arguing he is legally obliged to retain backup copies according to the Accountancy Act and internal policies.

Since he did not properly inform about these policies, the NAIH held the controller breached the principle of transparency. The fine constitutes 0.

The fine was imposed for i not providing a data subject with CCTV recordings, ii not retaining recordings for further use by the data subject, and iii not informing the data subject about his right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority.

NAIH imposed the fine after an employee of an organisation that it supervised reported a public interest complaint directly to it against his employer.

After the organisation learned of the complaint, it requested details in order to investigate, and the local government accidentally revealed the complainant's name.

The NAIH considered it an aggravating factor that as a result of the data breach, the organisation fired the person who made the report.

The fine was imposed in relation to a data subject's request for data correction and erasure. Consequently, keeping the phone number of the debtor was against the principles of data minimisation and purpose limitation.

As per the law, the assessed fine was based on 0. The system was vulnerable to attack because of a redirection problem with the organisation's webpage.

After the attacker published the command, even people with low IT knowledge were able to retrieve information from the database.

A number of websites affiliated to the Italian political party Movimento 5 Stelle are run, by means of a data processor, through the platform named Rousseau.

The platform had suffered a data breach during the summer that led the Italian data protection authority, the Garante, to require the implementation of a number of security measures, in addition to the obligation to update the privacy information notice in order to give additional transparency to the data processing activities performed.

While the update of the privacy information notice was timely completed, the Italian data protection authority, raised its concerns as to the lack of implementation on the Rousseau platform of some of GDPR related security measures.

It is worth it to mention that the proceeding initiated before May , but the Italian data protection authority issued a fine under the GDPR since the Rousseau platform had not adopted security measures required by means of an order issued after the 25th of May Interestingly, the fine was not issued against the Movimento 5 Stelle that is the data controller of the platform, but against the Rousseau association that is the data processor.

During an inspection, the Lithuanian Data Protection Supervisory Authority found that the controller processed more data than necessary to achieve the purposes for which he was a controller.

In addition, it became known that from 09 - 10 July payment data were publicly available on the internet due to inadequate technical and organisational measures.

According to the supervisory authority, a data breach notification pursuant to Art. The controller did not report the Data Breach.

As a result of the lack of appropriate security measures on the Lands Authority website, over 10 gigabytes of personal data became easily accessible to the public via a simple google search.

The majority of the leaked data contained highly-sensitive information and correspondence between individuals and the Authority itself.

The Lands Authority chose not to appeal. Due to insufficient security measures, these files have been unprotected and openly accessible.

The fact that the security breach encompasses personal data to over 35 individuals, and that the majority of these are children, were considered to be aggravating factors.

The municipality had also been warned several times, both by the authority and an internal whistleblower, that the data security was inadequate.

The authority verified incompliance with the information obligation in relation to natural persons conducting business activity — entrepreneurs who are currently conducting such activity or have suspended it, as well as entrepreneurs who conducted such activity in the past.

The controller fulfilled the information obligation by providing the information required under Art. In case of the remaining persons the controller failed to comply with the information obligation — as it explained in the course of the proceedings — due to high operational costs.

Therefore, it presented the information clause only on its website. According to the UODO this is not sufficient. Addendum: In the meantime, the court has cancelled the fine due to procedural errors.

The amount of the fine has to be determined by the concrete number of data records concerned. However, the Office had not submitted any verifiable evidence in this regard, but had simply assumed that 6 million data sets were involved, which the data controller had denied.

Therefore, important statements were missing. In particular, it was incorrect to justify the amount of the fine on the basis of general preventive considerations.

The Polish data protection authority has already announced that the fine will be revised in a new administrative procedure.

One sports association published personal data referring to judges who were granted judicial licenses online. Meanwhile, there is no legal basis for such a wide range of data on judges to be available on the Internet.

By making them public, the administrator posed a potential risk of their unauthorized use, e. Although the association itself noticed its own error, as evidenced by the notification of a personal data protection breach to the President of the PDPA, the fact that attempts to remove it were ineffective determined the imposition of a penalty.

When determining the amount of the fine PLN 55, It concluded that although the infringement was finally removed, it was of a serious nature.

However, when imposing a penalty, the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection also took into account mitigating circumstances, such as good cooperation between the controller and the supervisory authority or lack of evidence that damage had been caused to the persons whose data had been disclosed.

The profile management system appeared deficient — the hospital had registered doctor profiles while only having doctors. The spanish telecommunications and informations agancy SETSI decided Vodafone had to reimburse a customer for costs he was wrongfully charged for.

The AEPD found this behaviour violated the principle of accuracy. The national Football League LaLiga was fined for offering an app which once per minute accessed the microphone of users' mobile phones in order to detect pubs screening football matches without paying a fee.

Furthermore, the app did not meet the requirements for withdrawal of consent. After the claimant did alledgedly not pay back a microcredit to an online credit agany, the claim was assigned to the debt collecting agancy.

Subsequently, the latter startet sending emails not only to email addresses provided by the claimant but also to an institutional email address of his workplace accessible by any co-worker which was never provided by the claimant.

Although the complainant a former Vodafone customer had requested Vodafone to delete his data in and this request had been confirmed by the company, he received more than SMS from the company from onwards.

Following Vodafone's statement, this happened because the complainant's mobile phone number was erroneously used for testing purposes and accidentally appeared in various customer files belonging to other customers than the complainant.

Since the company agreed to both payment and admission of responsibility the fine was reduced in accordance with Spanish administrative law to EUR 27k.

The police officer, using his official user ID but without reference to official duties, queried the owner data concerning the license plate of a person who he did not know well via the Central Traffic Information System ZEVIS of the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

Using the personal data obtained in this way, he then carried out a so-called SARS enquiry with the Federal Network Agency, in which he asked not only for the personal data of the injured parties but also for the home and mobile phone numbers stored there.

Using the mobile phone number obtained in this way, the police officer contacted the injured party by telephone - without any official reason or consent given by the injured party.

Through the ZEVIS and SARS enquiry for private purposes and the use of the mobile phone number obtained in this way for private contact, the police officer has processed personal data outside the scope of the law on his own authority.

This infringement is not attributable to the police officer's department, since he did not commit the act in the exercise of his official duties, but exclusively for private purposes.

Between and , the CNIL received complaints from several employees of the company who were filmed at their workstation. On two occasions, it alerted the company to the rules to be observed when installing cameras in the workplace, in particular, that employees should not be filmed continuously and that information about the data processing has to be provided.

In the absence of satisfactory measures at the end of the deadline set in the formal notice, the CNIL carried out a second audit in October which confirmed that the employer was still breaching data protection laws when recording employees with CCTV.

When determening the amount of the fine, the CNIL took into account the size 9 employees and the financial situation of the company, which presented a negative net result in turnover of , EUR in and a negative net result of , EUR , to retain a dissuasive but proportionate administrative fine.

A data controller used a, in the point of view of NAIH, wrong legal basis for processing of personal data Art. The sanction of EUR was imposed on each medical center for unlawful processing of the personal data of data subject G.

The medical centre used a software to generate a registration form for change of GP which was submitted to the Regional Health Insurance Fund and then to another medical centre, which subsequently also unlawfully processed the personal data of G.

The sanction was imposed on personal data administrator A. EOOD for unlawful processing of personal data. The personal data of data subject D.

The complainant's bank account was charged by ENDESA, the beneficiary of which was a third party, who had been convicted under criminal law and imposed with a two-year restraining order regarding the claimant, her domicile and work.

Instead amending the contract details as requested by the claimant ENDESA deleted her data erroneously and fillid in the data of the third party.

The AEPD found the disclosure of the claimant's data to the third party was a severe violation of the principle of confidentiality.

Please note: This fine is not final but will be decided on when the company and other involved supervisory authorities of other member states have made their representations.

This incident in part involved user traffic to the British Airways website being diverted to a fraudulent site.

Through this false site, customer details were harvested by the attackers. Personal data of approximately , customers were compromised in this incident, which is believed to have begun in June GDPR infringements are likely to involve a breach of Art.

A variety of personal data contained in approximately million guest records globally were exposed by the incident, of which around 30 million related to residents of 31 countries in the European Economic Area EEA.

Seven million related to UK residents. It is believed the vulnerability began when the systems of the Starwood hotels group were compromised in Marriott subsequently acquired Starwood in , but the exposure of customer information was not discovered until The NAIH found that there were inappropriate legal bases is use and that the controller did not comply with the principle of purpose limitation.

Also, information on the data processing was not fully provided to data subjects. The fine was imposed because adequate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk of processing were not implemented.

This has led to unauthorized disclosure and unauthorized access to the personal data of people who have made transactions received by the avocatoo.

The National Supervisory Authority applied the sanction following a notification dated 12th of October indicating that a set of files regarding the details of the transactions received by the avocatoo.

The Haga Hospital does not have a proper internal security of patient records in place. This is the conclusion of an investigation by the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

This investigation followed when it appeared that dozens of hospital staff had unnecessarily checked the medical records of a well-known Dutch person.

To force the hospital to improve the security of patient records, the AP simultaneously imposes an order subject to a penalty.

The Haga Hospital has meanwhile indicated to take measures. Large amount of customer accounts, clients' documents including copies of driver's licences, vehicle registration, bank statements and documents to determine whether a person had been the subject of a licence withdrawal and data were easily accesible online.

The CNIL, between others, critizised the password management unauthorized access was possible without any authentication.

The processing of employee personal data was based on consent. The HDPA found that consent as legal basis was inappropriate, as the processing of personal data was intended to carry out acts directly linked to the performance of employment contracts, compliance with a legal obligation to which the controller is subject and the smooth and effective operation of the company, as its legitimate interest.

In addition, the company gave employees the false impression that it was processing their personal data under the legal basis of consent, while in reality it was processing their data under a different legal basis.

This was in violation of the principle of transparency and thus in breach of the obligation to provide information under Articles 13 1 c and 14 1 c of the GDPR.

Lastly, in violation of the accountability principle, the company failed to provide the HDPA with evidence that it had carried out a prior assessment of the appropriate legal bases for processing employee personal data.

And because he made the disclosure of the CNP of the employees, by displaying the Report for the training of the authorized ISCIR personnel for the year to the company notifier and could not prove the legality of the processing of the CNP, by disclosure, according to Art.

The fine was imposed against the school which had used facial recognition technology to monitor the attendance of students. Even though, in general, data processing for the purpose of monitoring attendance is possible doing so with facial recognition is disproportioned to the goal to monitor attendance.

The supervisory authority is of the opinion that biometric data of students was processed which is why Art. When examining if the school board can rely on any of the exemptions listed in Art.

The supervisory authority also found that there was a case of a processing activity with high risks since new technology was used to process sensitive personal data concerning children who are in a dependency position to the high school board and due to camera surveillance being used in the students everyday environment.

In the view of the authority, the school board was not able to demonstrate compliance with Art. The none-final fine was imposed on a company in the medical sector for non-compliance with information obligations and for not appointing a data protection officer.

The fine was imposed on a soccer coach who had secretly filmed female players while they were naked in the shower cubicle for years.

As a result, a third party fraudulently used the consumers personal data. Leakage of personal data in a hacking attack due to inadequate technical and organisational measures to ensure the protection of information security.

Leakage of personal data due to inadequate technical and organisational measures to ensure the protection of information security. Third parties had access to over credit records relating to over bank customers including personal data such as names, citizenships, identification numbers, adresses, copies of identity cards and biometric data.

A merchant who provides services in an online store has infringed the "right to be forgotten" pursuant to Art.

Nevertheless, the merchant repeatedly sent advertising messages by SMS to the data subjects mobile phone number. The data controller did not fulfil its data breach notification obligations when a flash memory with personal data was lost.

Fine for security vulnerabilities in a mobile messaging app developed for use in an Oslo school. The app allows parents and students to send messages to school staff.

Due to insufficient technical and organizational measures to protect information security, unauthorized persons were able to log in as authorized users and gain access to personal data about students, legal representatives and employees.

The fine has meanwhile been reduced to EUR According to the findings of the Berlin data protection officer, Delivery Hero Germany GmbH had not deleted accounts of former customers in ten cases, even though those data subjects had not been active on the company's delivery service platform for years - in one case even since In addition, eight former customers had complained about unsolicited advertising e-mails from the company.

A data subject who had expressly objected to the use of his data for advertising purposes nevertheless received further 15 advertising e-mails from the delivery service.

In further five cases, the company did not provide the data subjects with the required information or only after the Berlin data protection officer had intervened.

The Polish data protection authority imposed a fine of over PLN 2. The Belgian data protection authority has imposed a fine of 10, euros on a merchant who wanted to use an electronic identity card eID to create a customer card.

In the meantime, the decision of the data protection authority has been annulled by a court: link. A restaurant wanted to impose disciplinary sanctions on an employee using images from a mobile phone video which was recorded by another employee in the restaurant for evidence purposes.

The initial fine of EUR A large number of customers were subject to telemarketing calls, although they had declared an opt-out for this. This was ignored due to technical errors.

Inappropriate technical measures resulted in the data of 8, customers not being deleted upon request.

Raiffeisen Bank Romania carried out scoring assessments on the basis of personal data of individuals registered on the Vreau Credit platform provided by the platform's staff via WhatsApp and then returned the result to Vreau Credit using the same means of communication.

The Spanish Data Protection Agency AEPD has sanctioned Vueling Airlines with 30, euros for not giving users the ability to refuse their cookies and force them to use them if they want to browse its website.

In other words, it was not possible to browse the Vueling page without accepting their cookies. AEDP issued a sanctioning resolution for the amount of 30, euros, which could be reduced to 18, for immediate payment.

As part of the registration process on the webseite avocatnet. Without any action, the user was automatically sent information letters via e-mail.

This did not fulfil the requirements for a GDPR-compliant consent. Personal data have been unlawfully published on the website of a city within the framework of fulfilling its disclosure obligation under the Freedom of Information Act.

However, the Data Protection Authority stated that the City had published the personal data in violation of the law and without the consent of the person concerned.

Xfera Movile has used personal data without a legal basis for the conclusion of a telephone contract and has continued to process personal data even when the data subject requested that the processing be discontinued.

Iberdrola Clientes, an electricity company, had refused to make a request to a person to change its electricity supplier because it claimed that its data would be included in the solvency list.

As a result, the AEPD requested that Iberdola Clientes provide information about the possibility of adding the person's data to the solvency list to which the company did not respond.

The controller did not take adequate security measures when processing personal data, thereby breaching the obligation to protect the processed personal data.

The Austrian Post had created profiles of more than three million Austrians, which included information about their home addresses, personal preferences, habits and possible party affinity - which were subsequently resold, for example to political parties and companies.

For this reason, a fine of The company used an archiving system for the storage of personal data of tenants that did not provide for the possibility of removing data that was no longer required.

Personal data of tenants were stored without checking whether storage was permissible or even necessary.

It was therefore possible to access personal data of affected tenants which had been stored for years without this data still serving the purpose of its original collection.

This involved data on the personal and financial circumstances of tenants, such as salary statements, self-disclosure forms, extracts from employment and training contracts, tax, social security and health insurance data as well as bank statements.

In addition to sanctioning this structural violation, the Berlin data protection commissioner imposed further fines of between 6, and 17, euros on the company for the inadmissible storage of personal data of tenants in 15 specific individual cases.

See the separate entry. In addition to sanctioning violations of privacy by design principles Art. The claimant, whose data had been provided to the company by his daughter, as authorised by him, received a call from the company offering its services, which he refused.

In a digital publication, health data was accidentally published due to inadequate internal control mechanisms. The company has not taken appropriate technical and organisational measures that allow the simple and effective withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data and the exercise of the right to request the erasure of personal data.

The gas company did not have appropriate measures in place to verify the identity of the data subject.

The person who filed the complaint alleges that the company e-mailed his information to a third party in response to a request.

The company had collected personal data without providing accurate information about data collection in its data protection declaration pursuant to Article 13 of the GDPR.

After registering for a local census, Jocker Premium Invex had sent the applicant postal advertisements and commercial offers, although data such as first name, surname and postal address were only communicated to the public administration.

As the UWV the Dutch employee insurance service provider - "Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen" did not use multi-factor authentication when accessing the online employer portal, security was inadequate.

Employers and health and safety services were able to collect and display health data from employees in an absence system.

Applications for social benefits from Slovak citizens were sent by post to foreign authorities. These were lost by post, with the result that the whereabouts of these personal data could not be clarified.

The CGT, with the aim of convening a meeting, e-mailed personal data of the complainant, including her home address, family relationship, pregnancy status and the date of an ongoing verbal abuse and harassment case, to union members without her consent.

The company obtained a copy of photographic ID of the personal data subject with his consent, however did not react to his consent withdrawal and continued in processing of his personal data.

The operator of an online game was exposed to several DDoS attacks which caused the malfunctioning of the servers.

The attacker blackmailed the operator stating that the attacks will not stop unless he pays money.

As part of the blackmail, the attacker offered the operator that he will create an upgraded and better firewall protection to the servers of the operator.

The operator agreed and paid the attacker. The operator implemented the new code from the attacker which proved better than the old one but there was a "backdoor" in the code.

The attacker used the backdoor to steal all the data from the server about the players and uploaded these details to his website.

The Office for Personal Data Protection concluded that the operator did not take apropriate security measures. The violation affected about 11, people, including identification data, employment data, data about criminal convictions and health data.

Processing modification of the personal data of a customer included in a contract by a third party without the consent of the customer. The fine was imposed because the controller failed to take appropriate technical and organisational measures leading to the loss and unauthorised access to personal data name, bank card number, CVV code, cardholder's address, personal identification number, serial and identity card number, bank account number, authorised credit limit of approximately 1, data subjects.

Futura Internationale was fined for cold calls after several complainants obtained cold calls, despite having declared directly to the caller and by post that this was not wanted.

In particular, the decision pointed out that the CNIL's on-site investigation of Futura Internationale revealed, inter alia, that Futura Internationale had received several letters objecting to cold calling, that it had stored excessive information about customers and their health and that Futura Internationale had not informed individuals about the processing of their personal data or the recording of telephone conversations.

The company installed cookies on an end users terminal device without prior consent of the data subject. The fine is based on several breaches of the GDPR in connection with a patient mix-up at the admission of the patient.

This resulted in incorrect invoicing and revealed structural technical and organisational deficits in the hospital's patient management.

Fine for sending election mailings without a sufficient legal basis. The e-mail addresses used have not been collected for this purpose.

The Romanian data protection authority imposed a sanction on an airline because it has not taken appropriate measures to ensure that any natural person acting under its supervision processes personal data in accordance with its instructions Article 32 4 of the GDPR.

ING Bank has not taken appropriate technical and organisational measures for an automated data processing system during the settlement process of card transactions affecting , customers, resulting in double transactions being executed between 8 and 10 October.

Royal President refused a request for access to personal data pursuant to Article 15 of the GDPR and disclosed personal data without the consent of the data subjects.

In addition, Royal President has not taken appropriate technical or organisational measures to ensure the security of the data processed.

The Controller is a company offering telecommunication services. A caller could obtain extensive information on personal customer data from the company's customer service department simply by entering a customer's name and date of birth.

In this authentication procedure, the BfDI aws a violation of Article 32 GDPR, according to which a company is obliged to take appropriate technical and organisational measures to systematically protect the processing of personal data.

Due to the company's cooperation with the data protection authority, the fine imposed was at the lower end of the scale. Despite repeated requests of the BfDI the company an internet provider did not comply with its legal obligation under Article 37 GDPR to appoint a data protection officer.

Vodafone had processed personal data of the claimant bank details, name, surname and national identification number years after the contractual relationsid had ended.

The fine of EUR The company sent a marketing email to a large number of recipients clients without using the blind copy feature.

Customers could access personal data of other customers in the customer area. The claimant's bank account was charged by the company with two invoices for the services he had contracted, however, displaying personal data of another customer.

Disclosure of customer personal data i. The company had charged a Netflix service that had not been solicited by the claimant. The claimant could prove that the service had been used by another household which allegedly had received the claimant's bank account and phone number from Vodafone.

Video surveillance cameras have not only been used to protect property, but have also monitored employees violation of principle of data minimisation.

Surveillance of the public space by video surveillance cameras against violation of the principles of data minimisation.

The city based its video surveillance practice on its legitimate interests Art. However, accordingt to Art.

The processing could not be based on another legal basis. The pecuniary sanction of EUR 28, was imposed on the National Revenue Agency for unlawful processing of the personal data of data subject G.

The personal data of G. In relation to the enforcement case formed, additional data concerning the bank accounts of G.

The additional collected data was also unlawfully processed by the National Revenue Agency in sending distraint orders to the banks with which G.

An individual filed a complaint against the company alleging that the company had used its personal data as a former customer, such as first and last name, VAT identification number and address, to enter into an electricity supply contract.

The company collected personal data without providing accurate information on their data processing activities in their privacy policy published on their website.

Nusvar AB, operator of the website Mrkoll. The insurance company has sent advertising e-mails for the "Reto Nuez" platform without the required consent.

The company operated a video surveillance system in which the observation angle of the cameras extended unnecessarily far into the public traffic area.

Furthermore, no sign with data protection notices was affixed. A military hospital did not meet the reporting deadline for data breaches.

Another part of the fine relates to a lack of technical and organisational measures. The sports bar operated a video surveillance system in which the observation angle of the cameras extended into the public traffic area.

Vodafone has sent the customer's invoice data to unauthorised third parties following a customer invoice complaint. Originally, a fine of EUR 75, was threatened, but was reduced to EUR 60, against immediate payment and waiver of appeal.

Vodafone sent an invoice history to the subscriber as part of the invoice complaint by the subscriber.

The history also contained invoice data of an unknown third party. Marketing staff had access to patient data. Among other things, this violated the purpose limitation principle.

Among other things, the company has ignored objections raised by affected parties against advertising calls. The company has failed to ensure the accuracy of the processing of personal data which resulted in a disclosure of a clients personal data to another client.

The employer restored the mailbox of a director who had left the company a year before and found an email containing a work-related document.

According to NAIH, an employee or a representative should be present when the employee's data is being accessed, even if the employment has been terminated.

Employees should be able to request a copy or the deletion of their private data. Employers must record the access with minutes and photos; when the employee cannot be present, then in the presence of independent witnesses.

Employers must adopt internal policies on archiving and the use of IT assets and e-mail accounts, including procedural rules such as the steps of an inspection and the officials authorised to carry it out.

The company had stored some , documents containing names, addresses, dates of birth, NHS numbers and medical information and prescriptions in unsealed containers at the back of the building and failed to protect these documents from the elements, resulting in water damage to the documents.

The company failed to act on requests from the data subject to get access to his data and to have his data erased. The association used video surveillance systems without proper information according to Art.

The company has sent advertising e-mails to several recipients where the e-mail addresses of all other recipients were visible to all recipients, because the recipient addresses were inserted as CC and not as BCC.

The pecuniary sanctions of EUR 1, and EUR 5, were imposed on a telecommunications service provider and its commercial representative in Bulgaria for unlawful processing of the personal data of a data subject.

The personal data of the data subject was unlawfully processed for the conclusion of service contracts without his knowledge or consent.

The pecuniary sanction of EUR 11, was imposed on the commercial representative of telecommunications service provider for unlawful processing of the personal data of a data subject.

The personal data of the data subject was unlawfully processed for the conclusion of a contract for mobile services and leasing contracts.

The fine of EUR 1, was imposed on a private enforcement agent for processing of the personal data of data subject through recording by technical means for video surveillance and for refusal to grant access to the collected data.

The data subject submitted an application for access to his personal data to the private enforcement agent, who failed to inform him of the reasons for the rejection of his request.

The pecuniary sanction of EUR was imposed on an employer for refusal to grant access to the personal data of a data subject who submitted an application for access to his personal data to his former employer.

The fine of EUR was imposed on B. The Ministry of Interior sent the personal data of A. An operator of a website for legal news had the privacy statement only available in English, although it was also addressed to a Dutch and French speaking audience.

In addition, the first version of the privacy statement was not easily accessible and did not mention the legal basis for data processing under the GDPR.

Furthermore, with reference to the ECJ ruling on Planet 49, it was determined that effective consent was required for the use of Google Analytics.

The company had sent a contract with personal data, including the applicant's name, address and telephone number, to the wrong recipient.

The company processed personal data such as first and last name, tax number, address and mobile phone number without the consent of the data subject.

The company processed personal data in connection with a gas contract without the consent of the applicant.

The decision finds that the applicant received an invoice for a gas contract which he did not sign and that EDP Comercializadora claims that the applicant is party to a contract with another energy company which has a supply contract with EDP Comercializadora and that the processing of data is therefore justified.

The AEPD stated that EDP Comercializadora had to prove that the plaintiff had agreed to a contract with a second entity and not only with its direct energy supplier.

The sanctions were applied as a result of a complaint alleging that Hora Credit IFN SA transmitted documents containing personal data of another person to a wrong e-mail address.

Following the investigation it was found that Hora Credit IFN SA processed the data without providing effective mechanisms for verifying and validating the accuracy of the data collected processed according to the principles set out in art.

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