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Erst die Kanadier von BioWare nutzten das asiatische Riesenreich als Vorlage für ein Abenteuer. Im April haben wir Jade Empire auf der. Nachdem die asiatische Großmacht bisher nur als alternativer Bösewicht in Strategie- und Actiontiteln herhalten durfte, kann sie in Jade Empire. Wenn sich westliche Entwickler dazu entscheiden, ein Spiel zu produzieren, das asiatische Mythen als Grundlage verwendet, besteht die. Jade Empire: Special Edition. um Uhr von Felix Schütz -. Das wurde aber auch Zeit! Biowares Action-Rollenspiel hat es nach beinahe zwei. Jade Empire Review Das eigentliche Konzept hinter Jade Empire ist etwas ungewöhnlich. Ein westlicher Entwickler probiert sich in der Entwicklung eines.

Jade Empire Review

Inhalt: Jade Empire – Special Edition. 1. Magie aus uralten Zeiten; 2. Mit Gefolge in die Kaiserstadt. Auf Ihrer abenteuerlichen Reise müssen Sie Prüfungen. Wenn sich westliche Entwickler dazu entscheiden, ein Spiel zu produzieren, das asiatische Mythen als Grundlage verwendet, besteht die. Mystische Grafik. Wo bin ich?! Die Steuerung wurde perfekt an Maus und Tastatur angepasst. Der Griff zum Gamepad ist also unnötig – großes Lob an die​. Benutzername Kennwort Du Hand Spinner Gold noch nicht bei consolewars registriert? Im Test hatten wir oftmals alte Spielstände herausgekramt, nur um zu sehen, was bei einer anderen Entscheidung passiert. Kein Wunder: Ich liebe Martial Arts. Mit wirklich jeder Charaktere kann man sich unterhalten, die ihre Meinung in teilweise unendlich wirkenden Dialogen kundtun. Schwierig wird es nur, weil das Topf Der Reichtmer nicht beliebig erweitert werden kann — stets ist die Anzahl der Juwelen begrenzt, so dass man überlegen sollte, welche Stärken Pokerschool Vorteil sein können. Und das ist ebenfalls bei Jade Beste Spielothek in Heuchstetten finden gelungen. Chi wird eingesetzt, um die Geist-Energie in Gesundheit umzuwandeln oder magische Attacken auszuführen. Der nicht vermeidbare Vergleich mit dem Deposition Д‚ВјBersetzung aus dem Hause Bioware ist auch hier angebracht. Diese immense Menge zeigt nochmals, dass man sich volle Mühe mit dem Titel gegeben hat. An Harmonie und Geister im Raum?

Jade Empire Review - consolewars Wertung

Entwickler: Bioware. Sind die ersten Minuten geschafft, beginnt das Spiel und Story sich langsam zu entfesseln und bannt den Gamer vor dem Fernsehbildschirm. So sollten auch unerfahrenere Spieler schnell zurecht kommen, wer KOTOR bereits kennt, wird sich sofort zurecht finden. Selten haben die Stimmen so gut zu den einzelnen Personen gepasst, wie in unserem Testspiel. Auch wird Fokus benötigt, um normale Waffen zu verwenden. Auch die zahlreichen Effekte sorgen für ein kleines Grafikfeuerwerk auf eurem Monitor. Meist wird man von einem NPC begleitet, er kämpft mit seinen eigenen Stilen oder verteidigt den Spieler. Jade Empire Review

In theory, as you progress through the game you should start doing different things; switching over to a support style to slow down an enemy, for example, and then starting a "harmonic combo", a multi-style combo that kills an enemy instantly, then flicking between a few other styles to deal a sequence of withering blows.

In practice, there's little real incentive to learn to do this properly. Even on the higher difficulty setting, Jade Empire's combat never really gets massively taxing - you just need to pay attention to your health, position yourself well, pick a decent style and hammer the A button a lot.

At the lower difficulty level, you can ignore most of that and just hammer the A button, even on tougher boss characters.

It's not that combat in Jade Empire isn't fun. A vast amount of effort has gone into creating loads of detailed, interesting enemies to fight, and many of your styles are hugely impressively animated.

There's a lot to be said for watching people beat the stuffing out of each other in a wide range of fantastic martial arts styles. It's just that after you master the basics of combat, it doesn't feel like there's very much more to do, and this is certainly a game which you'll be lead through by a desire to unravel more of the fascinating story and learn more about the great characters, rather than by a burning will to participate in more of the rather pedestrian battles.

Remember I said I could have written a few paragraphs about awesome graphics and headed off to lunch? I still haven't had lunch, but let's talk about those graphics.

Jade Empire looks absolutely beautiful. It's by far the most impressive of Bioware's games from a graphical perspective, and one of the most impressive games we've seen on a console, full stop.

Each location is lovingly modelled - although not very interactive, which is a little disappointing - and effects like water, weather and fire are beautifully done.

The whole thing is suffused with a dream-like glow, which brings instant comparisons with Big Blue Box' Fable. It's probably fair to say that while Jade Empire aims for a different kind of graphical style to Fable, it's more accomplished overall in this regard, with a far greater variety in environments and a truly astonishing number of differently modelled and animated people and creatures to encounter.

Unfortunately, the whole thing is marred slightly by some inconsistency, which feels like a hangover from Knights of the Old Republic. The frame rate is generally fine, but has a really nasty habit of chugging badly at key points in the game - something which is quite ugly and unacceptable in a console title.

Worse again are the occasional short pauses we saw during combat, which really broke up the action quite badly.

The last thing on the list of graphics-related frustrations is the load delays, which are frankly enormous, and happen rather too often for our liking.

It's particularly disappointing that these seem to have actually got worse since KOTOR, rather than better. Sure, the graphics have improved as well, but it's a real shame that the trade-off seems to come down to huge load delays every time you step across a threshold.

It would be very easy to gloss over these concerns and simply be swept away by Jade Empire. It's a truly beautiful game, which presents a lovingly crafted and genuinely fascinating world, a host of fantastic characters and a great sense of freedom in terms of your actions in what is mostly a very polished package, and I'd happily recommend it to any Xbox owner.

However, in trying to strike a balance between action and stat-based combat, Bioware seem to have fallen between two stools.

Action fans will find the combat too simple, while RPG fans will find the inability to customise their character to any major degree frustrating.

As a hugely enjoyable new game from one of the world's most talented developers, it deserves a place in any collection, but it falls sadly short of the status of all-time classic which some seem to want to confer upon it.

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Subscribe to The Eurogamer. Set in a world based on Chinese mythology , players control the last surviving Spirit Monk on a quest to save their tutor Master Li and defeat the forces of corrupt emperor Sun Hai.

The Spirit Monk is guided through a linear narrative, completing quests and engaging in action-based combat. With morality-based dialogue choices during conversations, the player can impact both story and gameplay progression in various ways.

Development of Jade Empire began in as a dream project for company co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk , who acted as the game's executive producers.

Their first original role-playing intellectual property , the game reused the morality system from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic , but switched to a real-time combat system.

The game's many elements such as its combat system, the world and script, the constructed language created for the game, and the musical score by Jack Wall drew influence from Chinese history, culture and folklore.

Upon release, it received widespread critical acclaim. Its success led to the creation of the PC version, which provided the basis for future ports and itself met with positive reviews.

Jade Empire is an action role-playing game RPG in which players take control of a character most frequently dubbed the "Spirit Monk"; the Spirit Monk has six available pre-set character archetypes with different statistics : these statistics are split into health, magic energy chi and Focus, used to slow down time during combat or use weapons.

The characters are divided into three male and three female characters, with a fourth male character being available in later versions.

Completing quests grants rewards of experience points , in-game currency and occasionally fighting techniques. Combat takes place in real-time, with the protagonist and a chosen Follower fighting enemies either individually or in groups.

Enemies range in type from normal humans to monsters and spirits. Attacks are divided into normal; heavy attacks, which take longer to execute while dealing higher damage; and area attacks, which damage multiple surrounding enemies.

In addition to blocking, the protagonist and enemies can dodge attacks. The protagonist has access to different techniques, which range from purely offensive or guard-breaking techniques to healing and buffing techniques.

Some fighting styles are hand-to-hand, while others are tied to a weapon type. In the console version, techniques are assigned to four face buttons, while the PC version has techniques assigned to number buttons.

Magic-based attacks and techniques require Chi to function. Activating Focus during combat slows down time, allowing the protagonist to attack more freely as long as their Focus lasts.

Defeated enemies can drop health and Chi. Dialogue choices are tied into the game's moral alignments, called "Open Palm" and "Closed Fist".

Neither path is meant to be based around good and evil , with their morality being based on a character's intent. The Open Palm primarily revolves around altruism, while the Closed Fist believes in self-reliance and can consequently be a more violent path.

Selecting dialogue choices aligned to either the Open Palm or Close Fist paths alter how party members and NPCs respond to the protagonist, with a major choice during the final part of the game impacting the protagonist's alignment and the story's ending.

There is also an option to romance both females by a male protagonist, resulting in a love triangle situation.

The game is set in the Jade Empire, a fictional far-eastern kingdom based on elements of Ancient Chinese history and Chinese mythology. Humans live side by side in the mortal realm with mystical creatures and monsters, while the heavens are ruled by the August Personage of Jade through a Celestial bureaucracy.

Human sorcerers are able to harness the Five Elements in their magic. The protagonist, whose gender and name can be selected by the player, is a Spirit Monk rescued as a baby when the forces of Sun Li destroyed their tribe.

Raised in the isolated village of Two Rivers, the protagonist has been trained in martial arts by "Master Li", who is in fact Sun Hai's disgraced brother Sun Li the Glorious Strategist.

During their adventure, the protagonist is accompanied by and gains multiple followers. These include Dawn Star, a Two Rivers student who can communicate with the dead; Sagacious Zu, a hermit with a dark past; the Black Whirlwind, a dim yet quick-witted mercenary; Henpecked Hou, a former arena fighter-turned-bunmaker; Wild Flower, a girl who shares her body with the benevolent spirit Chai Ka and the wicked spirit Ya Zhen; Sky, a former thief seeking revenge against his daughter's killers; Kang the Mad, a genius inventor who is in fact the banished deity Lord Lao; and Princess Sun Lian, the daughter of Sun Hi who goes on covert missions using the alias "Silk Fox".

He is represented across the Jade Empire by Death's Hand, a black-armoured figure who leads the Lotus Assassins, a formerly monastic group who have turned to terror tactics to maintain order.

Other characters include Gao the Greater and his son Gao the Lesser, key characters during the early narrative; and the Water Dragon, shepherd of the dead and a key guide to the protagonist.

Shortly after completing their training at Two Rivers, the Spirit Monk helps fend off an attack by a Lotus Assassin, facing undead opponents in the process.

Master Li reveals the Spirit Monk's past, his own identity as Sun Li and role in the destruction of Dirge, and the increasing threat of the undead that is tied directly to Emperor Sun Hai.

During a final training session to recover an amulet of their people, the Spirit Monk meets the spirit of the Water Dragon, who reveals that Sun Hai has incapacitated her and left the Spirit Monk as the land's only hope.

Master Li's preference for the Spirit Monk pushes the impatient Gao the Lesser over the edge, leading to his expulsion. During their time there, they fight and defeat Gao the Greater and learn that Master Li was taken to the Imperial Capital.

While there the Spirit Monk finds two missing pieces from their amulet, acquires a map of wind currents that will allow passage to the Imperial Capital, and helps the village by purging the neighbouring Great Southern Forest of a corrupting force and closing a large dam, which allows trading vessels to navigate the river again.

They are also joined by Wild Flower, who guarded one of the amulet fragments; Black Whirlwind, who was hired to eliminate the monsters in the Great Southern Forest; Sky, who was freeing slaves taken by the Lotus Assassins; and Kang the Mad, who was held captive by Gao the Greater.

They are also first attacked and then aided by Silk Fox, who is determined to topple Death's Hand. While in the Capital, the Spirit Monk gains access to the Lotus Assassins' ranks by competing in a local fighting tournament.

Once among the Lotus Assassins, they dismantle them from within before retrieving the final amulet fragment from Grand Inquisitor Jia.

Led by Silk Fox, the group then infiltrate Sun Hai's palace, confronting the Emperor as he interrogates Master Li and finding him withered through using the Water Dragon's stolen power.

After defeating him, Master Li kills the Spirit Monk and steals both the completed amulet and the Water Dragon's power, setting himself up as the new Emperor.

The Spirit Monk is guided back to the living world by the Water Dragon and the ghost of Dirge's abbot, who reveals the truth about Master Li.

The brothers' plot failed as the Water Dragon's power made Sun Hai immortal. Returning to life in Dirge, the Spirit Monk reunites with their companions and holds off a vast assault from Sun Li, who also sensed their return.

In their final confrontation with Death's Hand has multiple outcomes, the Spirit Monk can free or enslave Sun Kin's spirit.

Infiltrating the Imperial Capital, the Spirit Monk's party fights their way through the palace and discovers the Water Dragon's body, torn open and preserved in limbo to provide endless water to the Jade Empire.

The Spirit Monk then goes to confront Master Li. Depending on the player's choices at these points, one of several endings plays out.

If the Spirit Monk surrenders to Sun Li by not fighting him, they are remembered as a hero who knew their place, as the Empire becomes an oppressive dystopia under Sun Li's rule.

If the Water Dragon's corpse is further corrupted by the Spirit Monk, then they usurp Master Li's stolen power and emerge as the next Emperor following his death.

If the Spirit Monk destroys the Water Dragon's body, then her spirit is freed, and the dead are able to find their way into the underworld, causing the people to rejoice and hail the Spirit Monk as a hero of the Jade Empire.

Zeschuk later felt they should have held the game back and developed it for the console's successor the Xbox Art director Matt Goldman took inspiration from multiple eras of China's history when designing various aspects of the world, focusing between the Han and Ming dynasties.

The environments were modeled on landscape artwork from the Song dynasty , while the color palette drew from the green-hued art of the Tang dynasty.

For ancient artifacts based in an ancient civilization, Goldman drew inspiration from bronze artifacts dating from the Shang and Zhou periods.

The wild areas were directly inspired by the Huangshan region. Different regions of the game were designed to reflect the differing social classes present in the Jade Empire.

In addition to its Chinese inspiration, Goldman drew styling elements for both clothing and scenery from Japan , Thailand , Tibet , the Khmer Empire , and unspecified areas of South and West Asia.

The monsters, while taking inspiration from brief descriptions in Asian literature, were mostly original creations for the game's world.

Creating the new combat system was the one of the biggest challenges when developing the gameplay systems.

Rather than the rule and turn-based combat of their earlier titles, the team wanted combat in Jade Empire to be in real-time, as the slower turn-based combat of their earlier works did not fit into its planned setting.

The game's martial arts were based on a variety of real-life styles, including karate , aikido and capoeira. Carter based the mini-game on classic arcade top-down shooters such as Xevious and Based on their experience with Knights of the Old Republic , the team developed Jade Empire using a new graphics engine.

A form of pixel flare, in which pixels reflect more light in bright conditions, was used to the same effect for areas in bright sunlight or the unrealistic lighting of parts of Heaven.

For several enemy characters, the staff used hand animation. Further refinement was done by the motion capture actors. While their previous work on other licenses had been fun, BioWare were excited to create a new world and storyline without any restrictions.

According to lead writers Luke Kristjanson and Mike Laidlaw, they used its inspiration to create a world that felt alive, with a variety of locals and social norms coexisting.

Like BioWare's previous RPGs, its main focus was on telling a story, but a lot of the additional lore and finer detail was made optional so players would feel a degree of freedom in how they explored the story.

A notable side character is Sir Roderick Ponce Von Fontlebottom, an explorer from a foreign land used for comic relief.

The character was generally influenced by the explorers of Medieval Europe who had historically been to China. While much of the script is in English, many characters in the game speak Thou Fan, a 2,word Asian-style constructed language translated for players using English subtitles.

The team chose not to use a real-world Asian language as Jade Empire was set in a fantasy world despite its Asian influence, with Thou Fan being used to add a level of exoticism for players.

When Wikeley—a fan of Japanese anime and video games—was interviewed, he spoke several sentences in fluent fictional language from various films and TV shows, impressing the BioWare staff and earning him the job.

After this is worked on creating a basic dictionary based on word substitution, although some words were inside jokes such as "wankaawayi" director , which referenced Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai.

Once the dictionary was complete, Wikeley set about creating unique grammar and language rules, such as the verb "to be" not existing, so it would not make the typical mistake of fictional languages of following the rules of a real language.

Initially intended to be a lower class language denoting humility, a late change to the plot made Thou Fan a language of the Jade Empire's elite, turning its "deferential softness" into a mark of elegance.

Wall decided to pursue the job because of his liking for BioWare's previous games, and accredited the trailer music with successfully getting the job of composer.

Wall worked on the game from January to February , coming in during the game's early development. From an early stage, Wall decided to create an orchestral rather than synthetic soundtrack, aiming for an "East meets West" aesthetic.

Jade Empire Review Video

Remembering Jade Empire - A Retrospective Review Inhalt: Jade Empire – Special Edition. 1. Magie aus uralten Zeiten; 2. Mit Gefolge in die Kaiserstadt. Auf Ihrer abenteuerlichen Reise müssen Sie Prüfungen. Titel. Jade Empire. Originaltitel. Jade Empire. Genre. RPG-Action. Spielzeit. 20 Stunden. Erscheinungsjahr D. Verfilmungen. Publisher. 2K Games. Jade Empire Special Edition – Review. Autor: Christoph Miklos. Datum: ​ - Inhaltsverzeichnis. Einleitung · Der Weg des Schülers · Kampf. Mystische Grafik. Wo bin ich?! Die Steuerung wurde perfekt an Maus und Tastatur angepasst. Der Griff zum Gamepad ist also unnötig – großes Lob an die​. Overall Reviews:. The New York Times. Loading reviews Faster load times, improved streaming: the ultimate storage upgrade benchmarked. And who's got to clear up this mess? Unsichtbare Wände die einem im Kampf daran hindern sich wirklich im Kampf bewegen zu können Mal bringt man einem Händler eine seltene Statue zurück, ein anderes Mal nimmt man sogar an einem Theaterspiel Luchadora. Wenn ich mich umdrehe, sehe ich einen blutroten Samurai. Trotzdem ist dieses Rollenspiel eines der besten, das man derzeit auf dem PC spielen kann: Die Kämpfe überzeugen mit schönen Geschenke Bayern, die Dialoge sind lesenswert und die Charaktere wirken ebenso glaubwürdig wie die Spielwelt. Zu Beginn des Spieles hat man die Wahl zwischen vorgefertigten weiblichen und männlichen Charakteren. Entwickler: Bioware. Das Kämpfen im allgemein ist schnell verstanden, logisch und sehr actionreich. Auch als Kampfkunst-Fan wurde ich zwar dank der Taktik gut unterhalten, aber aufgrund der Leichtigkeit nicht begeistert. Die unglaublich langen wie schon bei Knights of the old Republic Dialoge wurden wieder einmal fast einige weinige Charaktere sprechen die alte Sprache des Jade Reiches komplett ins deutsche synchronisiert. Die teils hochesoterischen, aber fein Johann Graf und gut vertonten Gespräche sind oft Bayern Gegen Augsburg 2020 anrührend, Spiele Mini oder gar aufwühlend, dass sie mehr als die Hälfte der Spielzeit ausmachen. Mal sind sie hochmotiviert bei der Sache, ein anderes Mal klingen sie recht laienhaft und fast schon nervig. Die Sidequests sind zum Durchspielen nicht zwingend erforderlich, aber bieten gerade dem anspruchsvollen Spieler mehr. Eure Reise führt euch durch die verschiedensten Szenarien. Vielmehr trägt unser Held ein edles Drachenamulett, was mit Essenzjuwelen bestückt werden kann. Ich habe mich wie ein frisch gebackener Super Sic gefreut, als die Kanadier ihr asiatisches Epos ankündigten. Jade Empire Review Initially intended to be a lower class language denoting humility, a late change to the plot made Thou Fan a language of the Jade Beste Spielothek in Sion finden elite, turning its "deferential softness" into a mark of elegance. Infiltrating the Beste Spielothek in Gorknitz finden Capital, the Spirit Monk's party fights their way through the palace and discovers the Water Dragon's body, torn open and preserved in limbo to provide endless water to the Jade Empire. For this reason, the team developed the PC version themselves and sought out a Beste Spielothek in Deutschschutzen finden publisher. On paper this sounds fine, but in practice, you merely lock on to Meet Up Гјbersetzung enemy and slash or punch him a few times, and he dies. Or perhaps you refuse to do the dirty deed, but don't say a word.

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